WISH-TV Interviews Jay Ricker About Ricker’s Rewards

(WISH) Indianapolis, IN – Jay Ricker saves 10 cents a gallon every time he fills the tank. He’s not just a customer, but also the founder and owner of the Ricker’s oil company, which has 50 stations in Indiana. Click here to watch the WISH-TV news story.

Upset about rising gas prices and credit card fees, Jay Ricker started Ricker’s Rewards Club. It’s free to join, and members get a card that works like an electronic check.

“Everything’s done online,” he said. “It’s very safe. It’s pin-encrypted. So you use that card at the pump.”

His company avoids the fees from credit card companies, customers get the discount.

“It’ll give you a receipt at the time, but then it also follows up with an email to you about an hour later saying you bought this many gallons at this particular Ricker’s store,” Ricker said.

Posted on: May 1, 2012 @ 7:00 am