Ricker’s Kicks Off “FOP Cops and Kids” Fundraising Program

Lawrence, IN – Ricker Oil kicked off its fundraising efforts for Lawrence’s “FOP Cops and Kids” program in support of the local nonprofit. Through the program, officers of the Lawrence Police Department take underprivileged children in the city of Lawrence shopping to purchase winter clothing, as well as gifts during the holiday season.

At the event, which took place yesterday at the Fort Benjamin Ricker’s in Indianapolis  (9235 E. 56th St.), Ricker’s mascot, “Pops The Clown,” was in attendance to announce the launch of the campaign and pose for photos.

Over the next three to four weeks, the Fort Benjamin, Pendleton Pike (11019 Pendleton Pike) and Oaklandon Road (8080 Oaklandon Rd.) Ricker’s will be selling Pops the Clown cards for $1. Proceeds from the cards will benefit the FOP Cops and Kids program. Monetary donations may also be made at the three locations.

The fundraiser is part of Ricker’s “Caring For Our Communities’ Charities” campaign, in which Ricker’s works to positively impact Indiana’s communities by providing support for local charitable organizations, such as the FOP Cops and Kids program.

“We want to touch the communities where we do business in a more personal way,” said Jay Ricker, Founder and CEO of Ricker Oil. “Supporting organizations like the FOP Cops and Kids program that make a tangible difference in their towns is a way for us to accomplish this.”

For the event, the three Ricker’s locations were decked out in FOP Cops and Kids signage, which will stay up through the duration of the campaign.

“Part of our goal is simply to raise awareness for the program,” said Ricker. “We’re giving to the folks that make a difference right here on their own streets and hope that others will join us in this support.”

At the close of the fundraiser, Ricker’s will present the FOP Cops and Kids program with a check for the amount raised, as well as an additional amount that Ricker’s has pledged to contribute.

Ricker’s plans to continue its efforts, and hopes to provide similar support for designated charitable organizations in each of the communities where its 50 convenience stores are located by the end of the year.

Posted on: July 1, 2011 @ 8:00 am