Ricker’s Implements Increased Safety Standards

(Indiana Public Media) – As convenience store owners and advocates consider recommended safety improvements for employees, Jay Ricker says Ricker’s is already implementing many of those recommendations.

Jay Ricker’s convenience store already has a bulletproof barrier that the cashiers work behind.

In the most recent two-year period for which data is available, the number of homicides at Indiana convenience stores more than doubled. Injuries from violent acts went up 250 percent. A report on convenience store safety from the state department of labor, months in the making, uses 40 pages to suggest improvements like better lighting, high resolution video cameras and training for managers and employees.

Jay Ricker says his company is already doing those things.

“We have safes that are cash-handling safes everyplace,” he says. “We do pretty extensive training on cash-handling, so we just don’t say you can’t have more than a hundred dollars.”

Ricker owns a chain of 50 convenience stores around the state, and while each location has basic safety measures, the company employs upgrades at certain stores. At locations Ricker considers more at-risk of robbery, the company will install bulletproof glass and arrange for cash pickups by armored truck.

Posted on: June 15, 2012 @ 8:00 am