Ricker’s Convenience Stores Now Accepting EBT SNAP Cards

Indianapolis, IN – In these difficult economic times, Hoosiers can use all of the help they can get. Ricker’s Convenience Stores, a private, local, family-owned company, recognizes this and has consequently added the necessary technology that will allow Hoosiers in-need to use their EBT cards at many of its Indianapolis and Indianapolis-area locations.

EBT cards – or Electronic Benefit Transfer cards – are comparable to debit cards, but are issued and funded by individual state governments. Families in need who are eligible for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are able to use EBT cards to purchase food items authorized by the USDA.

“Our goal is be truly convenient,” said Ricker’s President, Quinn Ricker. “Adding this new feature to many of our Indianapolis-area locations was a great way for us to better serve our customers – something we always strive to do.”

This technology has been in place in other Ricker’s locations, but is now expanding to include most of Ricker’s Indianapolis and Indianapolis-area locations. The following Ricker’s are newly equipped to accept EBT SNAP cards:

  1. Avon Ricker’s (8133 E. US Hwy. 36, Avon)
  2. Brownsburg Ricker’s (1051 N. Green St., Brownsburg)
  3. 151st St. Ricker’s (1850 E. 151st St., Carmel)
  4. Greenwood Ricker’s (2132 US Hwy. 31, Greenwood)
  5. 71st St. Ricker’s (6050 W. 71st St., Indianapolis)
  6. East 38th St. Ricker’s (3750 E. Fall Creek Park Way, Indianapolis)
  7. East Street Ricker’s (4002 S. East St., Indianapolis)
  8. East Washington Ricker’s (5061 E. Washington St., Indianapolis)
  9. Georgetown Ricker’s (5585 Georgetown Rd., Indianapolis)
  10. Keystone Ricker’s (5201 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis)
  11. Northwest/86th St. Ricker’s (8558 Northwest Blvd., Indianapolis)
  12. Pendleton Pike Ricker’s (11019 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis)
  13. Post Road Ricker’s (2102 N. Post Road, Indianapolis)
  14. South Meridian Ricker’s (8045 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis)
  15. Tibbs Ricker’s (3355 W. 16th St., Indianapolis)
  16. West 38th St. Ricker’s (6279 W. 38th St., Indianapolis)
  17. Fort Benjamin Ricker’s (9235 E. 56th St., Lawrence)
  18. Mooresville Ricker’s (1061 Bridge St., Mooresville)
  19. Plainfield Ricker’s (2628 E. Main St., Plainfield)
  20. Plainfield/I-70 Ricker’s (2068 E. Hadley, Plainfield)

“This addition made a lot of sense for us as a company as we are very active in our communities and with local charities,” said Ricker. “Because of our involvement, we understand that there is great need for this type of assistance and we are thrilled to be able to provide multiple locations where our customers can take advantage of it.”

Posted on: September 21, 2011 @ 8:00 am