Save up to 10¢ a gallon on diesel and gas today!

You have plenty of expenses. Why pay more for fuel?

When you become a free member of the Ricker’s Fleet Program, your company will start receiving a 7¢ rebate on every gallon of gasoline AND diesel you purchase at Ricker’s Convenience Stores. That’s the highest rebate in town! And with more than 50 Ricker’s locations throughout Central Indiana, saving on fuel is more convenient than ever.

You’re already purchasing fuel for your vehicles. Spend a little less to stretch your dollar a little further with the Ricker’s Fleet Program.

Start to see the savings:

  • No membership fee. It’s free to sign up!
  • No cancellation fee. No obligations.
  • Instantly save 7¢ off every gallon of gasoline AND diesel.
  • Earn points on fuel purchases to spend like cash with Ricker’s Rewards.
  • 50+ Ricker’s locations throughout Central Indiana for your convenience.

Flexible card management:

  • 4-digit pin number assigned per card.
  • Automated email alert for every fuel purchase.
  • Card limits can be set to:
    • Transactions per day, week and month.
    • Dollar amount per day, week and month.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions (secure, streamlined).

Simple, secure online control:

  • 24/7 online account and transaction monitoring.
  • Electronic pin number changes.
  • Card cancellations and/or card reassignments.

Ricker’s Fleet Program is secure. It’s easy. It’s convenient. It’s free. And above all, it saves you money. Your company is already on the go. Go even further by lowering your cost spent on fuel!

To sign up or receive additional information, please contact Ricker’s: (765) 643-3016 or