Since its founding in 1979, Ricker Oil Company has been providing high quality fuels, clean convenience stores, and marketing/supply services to companies and consumers throughout the state of Indiana. A strong commitment to our community, a sense of pride to our customers, and a long history of corporate trust is the foundation on which our company was built.

Ricker’s History

Founded: 1979
Founded By: Jay & Nancy Ricker
Owner: Giant Eagle, Inc.
Indiana Corporate Office: Anderson, Indiana
Employees: 850
Convenience Stores: 56

Jay & Nancy Ricker founded Ricker Oil Company, Inc. in 1979 in Middletown, Indiana. Jay drove a tank wagon and Nancy managed the books out of their home. Jay had previously worked for Shell Oil Company for seven years.

The first convenience store was purchased in 1989 in Middletown, Indiana. As the company grew and expanded, the headquarters relocated to Anderson, Indiana.

Ricker’s Today

Ricker Oil Company has grown through new builds and two major acquisitions – the BP Ft. Wayne market (October 2000) and the Indianapolis BP/ampm market (October 2008). The company has also purchased five oil companies since 1979.

In 2018, Ricker Oil Company reached an acquisition agreement with Giant Eagle, Inc. The agreement joined Ricker’s 56 Indiana convenience stores with GetGo’s presence of 200 locations across five states. Together, the brands strive to be a leading food-first convenience retailer in Indiana.