Ricker’s is working to improve Indiana’s quality of life.

Jay & Nancy Ricker are extremely involved in the Anderson and Madison County community. Jay serves on the board of the Madison County Community Foundation. Jay is also the past president of the Chamber of Commerce and past chair of the Anderson Community Hospital board. Nancy is the president of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate and serves on the board of the Anderson Symphony Orchestra. Jay and Nancy are also extremely involved in the convenience store trade association, serving as chairperson of various committees and on various boards as well as with BP and Marathon.

Ricker’s Replenish Program

Did you know you’ve been planting trees every time you fill up at Ricker’s?
23,817 to be exact!

And that number is growing every day thanks to the Ricker’s Replenish program. We donate a portion of every gallon to planting trees and carbon offset programs that help reduce your tailpipe emissions. Let’s keep up the great work by helping us continue to make our city cleaner. And greener.

Learn more at RickersReplenish.com.

Alternatives, Inc.

Alternatives, Inc. is a project that Ricker Oil Company, Inc. became involved in through its Safe Harbor Program. There are eight Anderson Ricker’s involved in this program. Additionally, our corporate staff has been involved in donating supplies and items to Alternatives for the past several years as a commitment and belief in the program.