Our employees work hard to make every store the very best. It is not an easy job but one where employees who make the commitment can grow and succeed through opportunities. A typical shift at Ricker’s is busy and involves a variety of tasks. While one of the primary responsibilities is to provide positive and consistent interaction with customers and peers, other duties will involve the following tasks:

Cash Flow Management

  1. Responsible for all cash including monies received and disbursed during the assigned shift in the form of cash, credit cards, or any other acceptable form of payment
  2. Ring up all sales showing amount due
  3. Ring up credit card sales and process credit cards according to company and credit card guidelines
  4. Make routine cash drops to safe
  5. Maintain a minimum cash drawer according to company policy
  6. Scan or ring up all merchandise

Housekeeping and Facilities Maintenance Duties

  1. Clean lot, including sweep parking lot, clean pumps, and fill windshield washer buckets
  2. Empty trash receptacles
  3. Pick up loose litter around the property
  4. Clean restrooms
  5. Sweep and mop stores
  6. Dust shelving, window sills, etc
  7. Wash cooler doors, store doors, etc
  8. Organize stockroom
  9. Stock shelves, coolers, fountain/coffee areas, etc
  10. Fill ice dispenser by filling large buckets of ice from the ice maker and pouring into dispenser
  11. Change the fountain drink syrup (bibs – bag in a box) when empty

Customer Assistance

  1. Help customers pump gas, removing gas caps, and straightening out hose

Identification Security

  1. Secure proper customer identification as required by state and federal law on all restricted products, including: Tobacco, Alcohol, Lottery and Ephedra products