Career Opportunities

Ricker’s stores are always busy, so each store needs people who want to work. Employment opportunities include:

Full Time

  1. CSR
  2. Pizza Manager/Cafe Lead
  3. Associate Store Manager – Full time jobs as ASM are entry level management jobs at Ricker’s
  4. Store Manager

Part Time

Part time employment is for the candidate seeking flexibility in their schedule and desires a limited number of hours.

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Food Service


Ricker’s is student friendly! High school and college students are an important part of the Ricker’s team. Students may work a flexible schedule. Minors must have a work permit and are limited to 25 hours per week. College students: be sure to check out the Tuition Assistance Program!

Warehouse/Delivery Driver

Ricker’s operates a distribution warehouse and delivers products to its stores

Corporate Support

The Ricker’s corporate office is located in Anderson, Indiana, and employs 35 personnel to support store operations. Just like our store operations, the corporate personnel receive great salaries and benefits.

Career Path

Below is a list of staff and management positions currently filled by people who started in the store:

  1. Associate Manager
  2. Store Manager
  3. District Manager
  4. IT Coordinator
  5. Pricebook Coordinator
  6. Product Manager
  7. Food Service Assistant Manager
  8. Food Service Manager
  9. Junior Accountant
  10. Programs Coordinator
  11. Operations Auditor