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Ricker’s is always looking for enthusiastic and dependable people that share our core values and seek a rewarding and productive career choice. We invite you to learn more about our company and the exciting career opportunities we offer.


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Goals & Commitments

All Ricker’s employees are expected to commit to these non-negotiable qualities.

As a Ricker’s employee, I will:
  1. Provide a positive, family oriented work environment
  2. Superior customer satisfaction
  3. Develop life long relationships
  4. Always be glad to see each and every customer
  5. Do the right thing
  6. Provide quality products and superior fountain selection
  7. Be a community and c-store industry leader

As a Ricker’s employee, I commit I will:

  1. Greet each customer with a smile and positive greeting
  2. Provide positive and consistent interaction with customers and peers
  3. Be honest
  4. Not steal product or time
  5. Be prompt and have regular and predictable attendance
  6. Always look clean and neat
  7. Always keep the store clean and neat